Panadura PS too broke to acquire land to dump garbage

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Area residents expected to weather the stink





By Indika Manoj and Kusal Chamath
Area residents accused the Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha for its failure to work out an effective garbage removal mechanism. They said they were facing inconveniences and threats to health caused by the haphazard dumping of garbage. In fact they charged that the removal of garbage had ground to a halt.

A resident of Keselwatta, Mohamed Riyaz  (45) said only the Panadura town was under the Panadura UC and that several other areas including Keselwatta, Paratta and Diggala were under the administration of the Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha. He said the area within the Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha limits was larger than that of the UC.

“The Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha area is  highly populated and has thousands of  residential houses,  business establishments  including hotels and factories.

However it is regretted the Pradeshiya Sabha has failed to implement an efficient system to dispose garbage. Uncollected heaps of garbage by roadside and even drains obstruct the movement of pedestrians and the free flow of storm water,”  he said.
Residents of several villages in the Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha area had similar grievances.

Meanwhile an administrative officer of the Panadura PS, Shiromi Samararathne said the shortage of funds prevented the council from leasing or purchasing suitable land for use as a dumping ground.

“We used land at Karadiyanawatta belonging to the Panadura UC as a dumping ground, but it is not permitted now. At present we use a privately owned block of land but it is not spacious enough.  We are planning to acquire more land but that plan has been delayed for want of funds,” she said.