It’s Legal Division’s fault: Police

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By Darshana Sanjeewa
The Police Legal Division’s Acting Director had been removed from his post with immediate effect, while several officers are being investigated after the Legal Division failed to represent IGP N. K Illangakoon in the Prageeth Ekneligoda case earlier this month, the Police said yesterday.

Clarifying certain news reports that the IGP had overlooked the Court of Appeal directions to appear in Court on October 9, the Police said the fault was with the Police Legal Division, which had failed to carry out its duty.

The Police said IGP Illangakoon was noticed to appear with regard to the Habeas Corpus application filed on behalf of three Army officers held in remand custody in connection with the disappearance of Mr. Ekneligoda. “The IGP was overseas at the time and the legal division was expected to represent him in Court but it had not happened,” the Police said in a statement. The IGP’s failure to appear prompted the court to issue notice directing him to appear on October 16.  An internal investigation is being conducted while the acting director was removed from his post.