NWS&DB plays hide and seek with filthy water at night

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Dumps 200 bowser loads every night into a Dehiwela canal



By Indika Manoj Cooray , H.M Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath
In response to a  protest staged by area residents against a health hazard caused by the removal of waste water from toilets, homes and business establishments and transferring it into a canal that flows into the sea near the Dehiwala Railway Station the health authorities and the police  carried out an inspection.

A team of public health inspectors under the direction of the Dehiwala – Mount Lavinia Municipal MOH Dr. Indika Ellawala and the Mount Lavinia Police visited the area to look into the issue.

Residents of the area pointed out that daily more than 200 bowser loads of waste water including toilet waste collected from Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia , Moratuwa, Sri Jayawardnepura Kotte Municipal areas, Kolonnawa, Peliyagoda, Horana, Kesbewa, Maharagama  and Borelesgamuwa Urban Council and Pradedhiya Sabha areas  were being  released  secretly at night into the canal by the Water Supply and Drainage Board and that it has resulted in a serious threat to public health and marine life in the sea off Dehiwala .
They said the smell from the canal was unbearable and that environmental pollution caused by the flow of waste water into the sea even prevented children from playing on the beach.

Officials who carried out an inspection of the waste water pump house of the Water Supply and Drainage Board found that the board had failed to repair the two broken main waste water pumps for more than a month.

The MOH said he had received hundreds of complaints regarding the public nuisance caused by the  release of waste water into the sea and that he had informed the NWSDB about it.

“The board has informed me that the pump house had been handed over to a private sector establishment for an overall repair. I advised the pump house officials not to collect waste water in the tanks until the repairs were completed. I have decided to produce the officials of the contracting company in court and seek an undertaking from them, “he said.

The President of the Fishermen’s Society of the area, Kumara Gomes and several civil society organisations in the area made similar representations to the authorities.

A team of PHIs under Administrative PHI Lalith Perera, OIC Crime Investigation Branch , Mount Lavinia Police SI Pathmasiri Kulatunga, SI W.J.Gunawardene, OIC Police Environmental Unit SI O.S.Piyatilleka de Silva joined the inspection.