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Indunil’s fate: was it lack of vigilance or just bad luck?

 City-DM-8-9-5As it was a Poya Day and a school holiday, sixteen- year-old Thushara Indunil could not resist accompanying his uncle to assist him in work at their paddy field. On his way he had spotted ripe mangoes on a tree at a height he could easily reach. Idunil had not wasted time in climbing the tree to pluck and taste the luscious fruit while standing on a branch of the tree itself. However, he was not destined to enjoy the ripe fruit for very long because the badly decayed branch on which he had been standing unknowingly, had suddenly given way. And Indunil had fallen, unfortunately on a pointed stick of a fence nearby.

When villagers reached the fallen Undunil, they found that the stick had pierced his neck damaging his respiratory track. He was rushed to the Bulathsinhala hospital, and later transferred to the Horana hospital and finally to the National Hospital in Colombo for surgery. After surgery, he was kept under observation in the Intensive Care Unit but passed away after three days. Indunil had been a grade 11 student of the Bulathsinhala Central College. As his mother had been employed abroad he lived with his two elder brothers. His fifty- sixyear- old mother Kavuralage Chandrawathie who returned from abroad after hearing about the unfortunate incident had visited her son in hospital.“ I used to make inquiries about my son. But I was not worried really because he lived with an elder brother. He was preparing to sit for the G.C.E. O/L this year. I had high hopes he would continue higher studies.

I worked abroad to better our living conditions here. I have been assisting my elder sons to put up houses; but they have not been completed as yet.” Indunil’s death shocked everybody: he was much loved in school and in the village. The inquest into the death was held at the Colombo JMO’s office by the inquirer into sudden deaths Ms Iresha Deshani Samaraweera. Evidence was recorded from Yohan Kalhara (13) a student who had assisted assisting Indunil to pluck the mangoes, his mother Chandrawathie and Gurulana Wijesinghege Pathmasiri(37) an uncle. At the inquest, Ms Iresha Samaraweera said that more attention should be given towards the safety of children because there had been several incidents of this nature in the recent past. If there had been more vigilance this incident could have been avoided. The post- mortem was conducted by the JMO Colombo, Dr Ms K. Jusar. Sergeant Dayarathne of the Bulathsinhala police was also present at this examination.