ROAD NETWORK in Colombo should be developed: RDA Chairman

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Existing roads in Colombo should be developed in order to reduce the traffic congestion in the Colombo city, the newly appointed Chairman of the Road Development Authority (RDA) Nihal Sooriyaarachchi said yesterday. Assuming duties yesterday, as the Chairman, Mr. Sooriyaarachahi said the average vehicle speed in Colombo is 12 kmph and slows down to 6 kmph due to the heavy traffic congestion. “To ease the traffic congestion we need to take measures to increase the vehicle speed on the roads. Compared with other major cities, the traffic congestion in the Colombo city is very high. Developing the roads which we already have is sufficient than launching new road projects,” he said. Commenting on the issues related to colour lights and street lamp posts, the chairman said attention should be referred to find causes to those matters in order to find solutions.

“ The traffic lights countdown system is very useful to minimize road accidents. After the traffic light system was installed at heavy cost, sometimes the lights fail, creating a severe traffic jam. We are not yet sure who’s responsible for that or whether it is due to a technical fault. We need to study these issues and to take measures to prevent them from happening in the future,” he said. He said people could have a better service by installing LED lamps on the roads. Several streets lamps even in the Parliament road are not functioning properly, he said. He said the people are facing difficulties when road safety standards were not followed by contractors when constructing road projects.