Nightmare in Isurupura

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The unfinished storm water drains and poorly maintained roads had made travelling in Isurupura a nightmare for motorists and residents, sources said. Residents complained that the roads in the Isurupura area had not been renovated nor developed by the authorities in recent times. The area situated along the Kesbewa- Bandaragama Road has more than a 100 houses, business establishments as well as an area office for the National Water Supply and Drainage Board. Residents said the storm water drains along the main road have been diverted to Isurupura and left half done.

“When it rains the roads flood and we have to wade through water that is at least two feet deep,” they said. The bus-stand also flooded during the heavy rains. “Even long after rain water receded, the puddles left behind make the busstand not accessible even when it was not raining,” a resident said. Even though the road to Isurupura has been tarred, parts of it are in a dilapidated condition, that the monsoon has left behind permanent pot-holes.

Residents said it was difficult to go about their daily needs as they were constantly splashed with mud and water by moving vehicles. “There aren’t any lamp posts along the road, so there is no light during the night. We have spoken to authorities and even though they said they would resolve it on numerous occasions, nothing has been done,” residents complained.