Beware of storm water drains!

Published : 11:44 am  November 19, 2015 | No comments so far |  |  (1248) reads | 

Residents and pedestrians express concern about the consequences but the authorities blame the public



Storm water drains from Panadura to Ratmalana along the Galle road and by-roads have been obstructed by garbage preventing the free flow of water. Residents in these areas are concerned about the possibility of a Dengue epidemic breaking out from stagnant water in the storm water drains. They pointed out that the local authorities in the respective areas had failed to clean the storm water drains filled with garbage and debris and the nauseating smell of stagnant water was unbearable. They said several cases of dengue fever had been reported from these areas and that it would reach epidemic proportions if cleanliness of the environment was neglected in this manner. Pedestrians pointed out that the storm water drains along several locations had been left without concrete covers endangering the lives of the pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, and that many people who fell into the drains sustained serious injuries. Meanwhile, a senior official of a local authority said the people were responsible for dumping garbage including polythene in the storm water drains. However the residents of the affected areas requested the relevant authorities to maintain the storm water drains .