A Home to Call Their own

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eve2With the news of this family comprising of the father, mother and daughter living in this building being revealed, the State Minister has paid a visit to observe the plight of the family and had assured them that he would give them a house.

They have been living here for more than three months.

This family had previously resided in the enclosure where the dead bodies are kept for viewing, prior to their burial. Later they had moved into an abandoned building belonging to the Biyagama Pradeshiya Sabha.

Jagath Jayalath (50), K.A. Renuka (48) and their daughter Imalsha (09) who had undergone severe difficulties due to poverty had managed to live here.

A destitute family temporarily holed up in a building inside the general cemetery in Orange Hill Estate, Mankade Road, Kadawatha is to be provided with a permanent house, as promised by the State Minister of Defence Ruwan Wijewardene.

They had been living with the assistance given by the villagers. The daughter resumed her education after she had received some books, basic school amenities and shoes, at the Kadawatha Buddhist College.
The father had been working as a woodcutter and is a resident of Ganemulla. His wife Renuka is from Panadura and had been moving from place to place doing coolie work for a living.

 Jayalath has an injured arm as a result of an accident that had taken place while he was cutting down trees and thereafter he had not been able to continue his job. This has deprived them of getting any income and therefore they had to move out from the rented house since they were unable to pay the rent.


They were thrown onto the streets, and had squatted in various places. The parents were very much concerned about their daughter and finally had decided to make this cemetery their home.

A crying Renuka had related her story to the State Minister during his unscheduled visit. They had even resorted to begging and had lived in fear since they had to look after their only daughter. They were always thinking how they could provide security to their child. They now sell books in buses as a means of living.


eve5Jayalath expressed his gratitude to the media for revealing their story, which had allowed many kind souls to give a hand to them.

This magnanimous gesture of Minister Ruwan Wijewardene to provide a house for this family had earned many accolades from all who are aware of the plight of this family.

With the blessings of the State Minister the family will stay at the present  place for a few more months until a permanent abode which  the poor family could claim as their home, is completed and presented to them as promised by State Minister Ruwan Wijewardene.

Upali Ranaweera