Beddegana bio-diversity park to open soon

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The Director General of the Urban Development Authority (UDA) Nayana Mawilmada yesterday said that they would inaugurate the Beddagana Bio Diversity Park and Bird Sanctuary within next few weeks. He said that Beddagana Park project was an important urban development venture that was carried out by the UDA and the project would conserve the natural environment by utilizing the land for eco- friendly development. He said the wetlands around Colombo play a significant role in controlling flooding and provided the green area and flood storage space to keep the city cool. “Unfortunately the people had failed to understand the environment value of the area, especially these wetlands are home for migrant birds and the environmentalists said that the wetlands in Colombo district are home for most endangered species (especially birds) in the world.”

Explaining the numerous objectives of the project he said that most importantly, the government in collaboration with the UDA had build this park to enhance the natural environment of the area merging the Diyawanna Oya Water Front Development which holds wealthy scenic beauty where entertaining facilities should be introduced. UDA Project Director of the Beddagana and Kotte Ramparts Chandana Kalupahana said the UDA had spent approximately Rs. 180 million to construct the park and they would open the park after concluding the discussions with the management and other related authorities.

It is located within the Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte Municipal Council area, and Nippon Mawatha, Canal, Beddagana Road and Beddagana oya are the boundaries of the park. The project would help to solve encroachments and unauthorized filling, dumping of garbage, lack of facilities for environmentalist, students, public and tourist to enjoy scenic beauty.