Key positions at Sri J’pura MC still remains vacant

Published : 9:18 am  December 17, 2015 | No comments so far |  |  (909) reads | 



Mayor of Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte Janaka Ranawaka expressed concern about the vacancies in key positions in the Municipal Council that created obstacles to the smooth functioning of the council. He said the posts of Deputy Commissioner, Administrative Officer and Assistant Commissioner and had been vacant for a long time as well as the posts of engineers and PHIs too still remains to be filled. He pointed out that the cadre provided for five posts of PHIs but at present the Council had one PHI to attend to the duties in the entire municipal area. “Administrative officer of a local authority is responsible for the smooth functioning of the establishment and implementing the projects. He is also considered an adviser to the municipal administration who provides guidance to the Council to make decisions in many important issues. Administrative affairs of the Council have been seriously affected for that post being vacant. Development projects and health and sanitation in the city have been affected by the shortage of Engineers and PHIs while the dengue prevention campaigns were the worst affected by the shortage of PHIs” The Mayor said his continual requests to the relevant authorities to fill those vacancies had fallen on the deaf ear.