Precarious condition of De Soyza Children’s park

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De Soyza Children’s Park in Moratuwa has been left to the mercy of the shrub jungle due to neglect of maintenance for a long time depriving the children of the area of their only facility for recreation. Parents pointed out that the sports equipment in the children’s park were decayed and covered with shrub. They accused the Moratuwa Municipal Council of neglecting repairs and maintenance of the park and said they had made representations to the MC members representing the area and the senior officials of the MC, but to no avail. An area resident, Anthony Korera (50) of Lunawa said it was sad that the De Soyza Children’s Park was built on land donated by a family of philanthropists had been neglected in this manner.

“This is the only recreation facility available to thousands of children in the Moratuwa area. It is a matter of concern that the MC has deprived that facility to them. The authorities who celebrate the World Children’s Day every year at a colossal expenditure do not pay any attention on providing them with basic facilities to make them happier,” he lamented. Several others were of the opinion that the MC was planning to use the land for other purposes benefitting the business community. However, the residents requested the Moratuwa MC to restore the park without neglecting public property in this manner.