CINDRELLA First movie to hit screens in 2016

Published : 9:00 am  January 4, 2016 | No comments so far |  |  (2179) reads | 


Award-winning filmmaker Enokaa Sathyangani Keerthinanda’s newest film ‘Cindrella’ featuring Akalanka Ganegama and Upeksha Swarnamali in the lead roles, is the first movie that will hit screens in the new year. Cindrella is slotted for release in the CEL circuit this month. This intensely romantic movie, which has deviated from the usual masala ingredienets, is a total cinematic treat. It reveals how a sudden and a short romantic interlude can have a lasting impact and a deep empathy on a human life. It is a film which revolves around the beauty of love, endless suspense And gripping tense situations where a 26 year old youngster is trapped in an unknown world full of love, intensity, mystery and misery that turns his carefree world upside down. The film produced by Sri Shakthi Productions also features Pubudu Chaturanga and Indrachapa Liyanage in the pivotal roles.