Incomplete footpath annoys residents

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TEXT & PICS BY MUDITHA DAYANANDA An incomplete footpath around the Maththegoda Lake has annoyed the residents . Residents complained the land was acquired by the government several years ago to construct a footpath around the lake with easier access to water for farmers around it. The Western Provincial Agriculture, Agrarian Services and Irrigation Ministry had acquired the land. Even though the lake had been developed the footpath was not complete, residents complained.Untitled-6

Several housing units coming under the Maththegoda Government Housing Scheme situated at one end of the lake had illegally encroached on the land closer to the Lake. The Ministry had cleared the land encroached on and also acquired land to complete the footpath which was incomplete. Ranjith Jayasuriya a resident said while a part of the land on which the walk way was constructed belonged to the National Housing Development Authority and the other part was a reserved plot of land. “They can complete this project if they want to but they will not. They are just passing the ball from one person to another,” he said. When contacted the Secretary to the Western Provincial Agriculture, Agrarian Services, Environment and Irrigation Ministry, N. Neelawala said the project had been completed. “But the issue of an incomplete footpath remains for want of more land. We have advised the relevant authorities to release the land to us. If they agree we can complete the project soon,” he said.