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Untitled-8On January 23 and 24, Jaffna plays host to the third and final weekend of the country’s premier literary festival, the Fairway Galle Literary Festival. The Festival offers a unique and diverse blend of international artists, combined with a healthy dose of local talent

All sessions wii be held at the Jaffna Public Library and are free of charge. In addition to providing thoughtful entertainment, the sessions will be educational as they will bring international ideas and concepts related to literature and art to the Jaffna audience, particularly to students, teachers and other academicS. Representing the centre of Tamil culture for the Tamil people of the North, Jaffna was a natural choice for the Festival’s first foray into Sri Lanka’s north.

Those attending the festival in Jaffna will be entertained and educated by “In Conversation” sessions that showcase writers talking about and reading from their work. As well, there will be “Thinking Out Loud” sessions, which are 45 minute lecture sessions by international authors. Additionally, there will be performances by GEETA RAMANUJAM, internationally acclaimed story teller and the GRASSROOTED TRUST who will present their newest play “From the Cloud”. As part of its commitment to incorporating Sri Lanka’s national languages into the Festival, the programme in Jaffna will kick off with a panel titled “Tamil Literature, '

Across Genres” featuring AYATHURAI SANTHAN, GAYATHREE SRIKANDAVEL and KANDIAH SHRIGANESHAN. This panel discusses Tamil poetry, playwriting and fiction. The featured panelist will explore the history of these genres and why they write in them, the response of the readers and audience to their work and the future directions they see these genres taking. Also relevant to Tamil culture, are sessions such as

“PADMA VISWANATHAN on The Toss of a Lemon”, and “ROHINI MOHAN on The Seasons of Trouble”. Viswanathan’s novel tells the story of a Tamil Brahmin widow in South India and is based on her own grandmother’s life. Rohini Mohan’s book is about the lives of three Tamil people caught up in the devastation of Sri Lanka’s civil war. Most notable of all, the mini festival will also feature international headliners such as SEBASTIAN FAULKS lecturing on the history of English fiction, KENAN MALIK lecturing on the history of ethics and morality, OVIDIA YU talking about her delightful mystery novels “Aunty Lee’s Delights” and “Aunty Lee’s Deadly Specials” and famous journalist JON SNOW lecturing on “The Golden Age of Journalism”.