‘The Dictator’ strikes back

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Veteran dramatist, playwright and actor, Namel Weeramuni will present ‘The Dictator’ once again at the Lionel Wendt this weekend, bringing in another episode of laughter for all drama lovers. He has contributed immensely to the contemporary theatre scene in Sri Lanka and all aspects of play production have received undiminished enrichment from his sustained theatrical effort. Speaking to Daily Mirror Life, Mr. Weeramuni spoke about his upcoming play and the drama industry today.

Untitled-4?What are your thoughts about the Sri Lankan drama industry today

Not at all satisfied with it. It is very different to what we had back in the old days. There is a bad trend of moving in to comedy and today even a tragedy is setup as a comedy. I still remember scenes from dramas which I have watched back in the 1950s. Even the audience has been deceived to only come and watch comedies and because of this we have lost good theatre.

?The youth have shown an interest in drama. Is it a positive sign for the future of the industry

Of course. When comparing to the 60s and 70s, there is a huge difference today. They are very talented and creative. Unlike those days, they are very dedicated and committed to what they do. Even in ‘The Dictator’ I had some new actors and I made it a must that they obey what I say.

?Let’s talk about the play

It is a play which was directed back in the 1950s and revolves around the character of Ralahamy which is performed by veteran actor Wijerathne Warakagoda. Ralahamy dreams of becoming the Dictator of Ceylon one day but he has to defeat the Japanese forces. In order to do this he first thinks of breeding Malaria mosquitoes and then moves on to use the power of native sciences such as Kodivina, Anjanam and Hooniyam to chase them away. It is satire and is filled with humour, suspense and excitement.

?The cast

As I mentioned the character of Ralahamy is performed by Wijerathne Warakagoda, Hamine by my wife Malini Weeramuni and Mahaththaya by Daya Tennakoon. Rest of the cast include Pinnya Samarathunga, Prabhath Dhevindra, Purnima Pilapitiya, Kiruthika Thurairajah and Pradeep Kumara who will be playing the roles of Stella, Galpotha, Nelia and Hirithala kola respectively.

?A message to all drama lovers.

Come and watch ‘The Dictator’ as the new and old generation comes on stage once again. It has a good blend of humour, suspense and excitement and I’m sure that all drama lovers will enjoy it.