14-year-old boy murdered

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Untitled-3BY AJITHLAL SHANTHA UDAYA AND APSARA YOSHITH The body of a 14-year-old schoolboy was found in an abandoned building in Marapana, Ratnapura last morning. It is believed that he had been murdered, police said.

The victim was identified as Anjana Kavidu Kumara, a grade 9 student of Marapana School, Ratnapura. Initial investigation indicate that the boy had been sexually abused and then killed. Police had also found the body of a man hanging from a tree close to where the boy’s body was found. Police believe that the man had killed the boy and then committed suicide. According to the boy’s parents, he had gone to pick tamarind pods near his grandmother’s house on Tuesday evening and not returned. The parents had thought he had decided to spend the night at the grandmother’s. Yesterday morning the parents had discovered that the boy had not gone to his grandmother’s house and searched the area and found the boy’s body in a building