Beach loses beauty

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TEXT & PICS BY SARATH CHINTHAKA In the absence of proper maintenance, and being exposed to the strong winds, shops and public amenities at the Preethipura beach, had become dilapidated posing a serious threat to lives, a visitor said. Preethipura coastal Untitled-4belt, located in Hendala, Palliyawatte area is a very popular tourist spot that attracts many from the surrounding areas and Colombo North, especially during weekends. Families gather at this spot from early morning to have a dip in the ocean, which is protected by a long reef. Despite the lack of facilities here,

people patronise the area owing to its ideal location and the scenic beauty. Some years ago the Tourism Ministry of the Western Province erected shopping outlets and vested the maintenance under the authority of the Wattala Pradeshiya Sabah. However, with time and in the absence of proper maintenance, and being exposed to the strong winds, these constructions had become dilapidated and now pose a serious threat to the lives of the occupants.

“The row of public toilets and the changing rooms for ladies constructed by the Provincial Tourism Ministry is now neglected and being damaged exposed to the elements,” an official said. “The absence of any maintenance of the toilets had polluted the area, with nauseating stench, which had now driven away the tourists and the visitors,” another visitor said. “The water supply to these toilets had been discontinued. The garbage collected with plastic bottles thrown away by visitors and plastic cups, polythene bags strewn over the area remains an ugly sight. The place had now become an ideal breeding ground for Mosquitoes,” the visitor said.