Over to you Minister

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Although efforts are made to attract more tourists to Sri Lanka by State and private sector, there were sporadic bitter experiences being reported by some foreign tourists who were holidaying here. It is about a letter by a reader who shared with Daily Mirror about a bad experience a British duo had when they were made to spend three hours at the Immigration Dept. to get their visa extended for two days.

“When they hired a trishaw and paid Rs. 500 to the driver at the end of their destination, he said that he had no change and stopped some distance away and got off, saying he would bring the change but never returned. He had waited for about 30 minutes and walked back to his wife who had been waiting till he returned. In another incident, when they went to the Immigration Dept. and were made to wander for several hours before they had got their visas extended, the reader wrote. Several other tourists too were subjected to similar treatment lamented that they would never come to Sri Lanka, the reader added. “We trust the Tourism Ministry would take this matter up with the Immigration Dept. and take appropriate action. The Tourist Police on duty outside the Immigration Dept. must ensure the tourists are not taken for a ride by unscrupulous trishaw and taxi drivers,” the disgusted reader said.