Relocating Meethotamulla

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BY YOSHITHA PERERAThe Megapolis and Western Development Ministry is awaiting the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for the Puttalam garbage dump yard to which the Meethotamulla garbage yard is to be transferred. Secretary to the Ministry N. Rupasinghe said the Rs. 5 billion project will establish garbage transfer centres in Meethotamulla and Puttalam, with a railway line as the mode of transporting the garbage.

The report was due in a month and the Ministry was to begin construction in two to three months after the report was released. The government had already allocated Rs. 2 billion for the project,Mr. Rupesingeh said. However, the Jansetha Peramuna Leader and the organiser of the movement against the Meethotamulla garbage dump, Nuwan Bopage recently said the residents had given up looking for a perfect solution for their issues regarding the garbage dump.

The Municipality had already relocated 180 families from a three and a half acre land close to the dump yard with the support of the Urban Development Authority (UDA), he said. “Government has provided Rs. 1.5 million to each of the families that were relocated. They promised the land would be the border of the dump yard but they have plans to expand the dump yard further by relocating the families that are living close to it,” he said. Mr.Bopage said with the relocation of the 180 families more residents had been affected by the dump yard.