CMC’s ‘this is it’

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BY LAHIRU POTHMULLA The Colombo Municipality yesterday said that it would launch a mega housing project to construct 4,000 more apartment units by the 2017 for the low-income earners living within the Municipality. Municipal Commissioner V.K.A. Anura said they had already called for tenders for the construction of 2,000 apartments under the project’s first phase, a Rs. 2 billion project funded by the Municipality. “These 2,000 housing units will be constructed within a 5 acre land located at the Dematagoda Junction. The land owned by the municipality. Once we have completed the first phase,

 we will move onto construct the rest of the apartments,” he said. He said once the families resided at shanties were relocated at newly constructed apartments, the municipality would clear the shanties and use those lands to construct more proper housing units for the lowincome earners. When asked about the municipality’s project to launch a housing complex in the past for the low-income earners, the commissioner said, “This is it. We are launching it now,”