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BY H.M. DHARAMAPALA A large stock of cooked food unfit for human consumption was seized during raids on hotels, and restaurants in the coastal area of Ratmalana and Mount Lavinia, health officials said They said surprisingly reputed tourist hotels were also among them. Chief Medical Officer of the Dehiwela-Mount Lavinia Dr. Indika Ellawala said he had organised the raids in response to public complaints that several hotels and restaurants the area served outdated

food unfit for human consumption. He said that most of the hotels and restaurants had failed to comply with sanitary regulations applicable to catering and food safety and that beef, mutton, fish had been stored in deep freezers with other food. He added that cooked food had been stored in deep freezers for a long time to be heated using microwave ovens and served to the patrons. Dr. Ellawala said a large stock ofUntitled-2 date expired food in cans and bottles without labels had also been seized. Public Health Inspectors said the kitchens and food stores of several hotels and restaurants were not up to the stipulated standards. They said that insecticides used to kill cockroaches, geckos, and rats had also been stored with food. Dr. Ellawala said an awareness programme for the managers and employees of the hotels and restaurants on regulations and standards applicable to catering, and food safety measures were held. He said legal action was taken against the managers of several hotels and restaurants, who had ignored the instructions issued to them by the Public Health Inspectors during previous inspections and red notices issued on others while being warned to uplift the standards of services