Ilango Ramanathan

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  •  Full Name – Ilango Ramanathan
  •  Hometown- Kandy
  •  Status- married
  •  Birthday- 15th August
  •  Idols- Appa
  •  Passions- Filmmaking & photography
  •  Favourite Colour- red

What made you enter Films?

At a certain point in life you realise what you are best at. I found mine, filmmaking !

Have you ever regretted your decision? NO. NEVER!!

 dsdsdsHow is married life treating you?Awesome

Name some of the Awards you have won? Recently I have won many awards for my short film, “Silent Tears” – 20 international film awards Tell me about – “Silent Tears” , which has been a well spoken film? “Silent Tears” is an honest attempt in portraying how agonising and painful the war is.

Where do you find your inspiration from? Real people around us

What are your thoughts on the local talent? Talented, yet proper guidance is needed Commercials / Movies, what gives you better relief in making? MOVIES Who is your biggest strength? Appa What is your biggest strength? Being hardworking

What is your plan for 2016? To work on my feature film