Canal of death

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BY INDIKA MANOJ AND KUSAL CHAMATH Residents of the Ratmalana and Attidiya areas said they were facing a serious health hazard due to the ongoing environmental pollution in the Attidiya canal which flows through an area of thick population. They pointed out that the health authorities were hesitant to take action against the individuals responsible as they were prominent personalities including leading businessmen and factory owners. A resident of the area Vincent Wijesekara (60) said the release of waste water including toilet waste and dumping of garbage had polluted the canal.

He pointed out that solid waste had obstructed the free flow of the canal. “We have been facing this health hazard for several years without any response to our complaints to the relevant authorities. Release of waste water and dumping of garbage has resulted in this state. In the past we used the canal for recreation activities including swimming, boating and fishing, but now the nauseating stench from the stagnant water precludes us even from walking along its bank,” He said Meanwhile, a fisherman Martin Fernando (70) said hundreds of fresh water fishermen, who depended on freshwater fishery in the canal said fish were dying in hundreds due to the water pollution