RDA rakes in Rs. 201 m. during New Year

Published : 8:00 am  April 20, 2016 | No comments so far |  |  (478) reads | 

Untitled-4BY DARSHANA SANJEEWA The Road Development Authority (RDA) had raked in Rs. 201 million in tolls from the Southern and the Katunayake- Colombo Expressways during the New Year period. Tolls collected from the Southern Expressway had increased by 50 percent when compared to last year

Director of the Expressway Operations, Maintenance & Management Division S. Opanayake said that an average of 50,000 vehicles had used the Southern Expressway daily during the festival week with 475,000 vehicles using the facility during the week. The Southern Expressway had brought in Rs. 143 million, while the Katunayake- Colombo Expressway had brought in Rs. 58 million. The Southern Expressway recorded an average 58,000, the highest number of vehicles, using the Expressway, on April 17 with Rs. 18.3 million collected on the day. More than 200,000 vehicles used the Colombo- Katunayake Expressway. Mr. Opanayake said that 38 accidents were reported on the Southern Expressway. Three accidents resulted in minor injuries while a majority was damaged properties, he said. On average 35,000- 37,000 vehicles use the Southern Expressway daily.