Visitors to Diyatha Uyana park inconvenienced

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Untitled-6TEXT & PICS BY MUDITHA DAYANANDA A number of visitors to Diyatha Uyana said the rules and regulations enforced in the premises made it impossible for them to relax. While one side of the park has several stalls for small business activities, restaurants as well as a restaurant by Waters Edge, the other side of the park is an open area for the public. Speaking about the inconveniences that she had to face, a young woman on condition of anonymity said her bags were checked and all food items taken away. “I come here with my fiancé. They don’t expel us like in other places and the people are decent here, but they don’t let us enjoy our meals out in the open,” she said. Dilka Manohari, another visitor to the park said she and her friend came to the park to study. “We aren’t allowed here if we have any food.

The other section doesn’t have such rules but the people have taken good care not to litter. If the area is littered, the authorities should introduce a system to ensure maintenance,” she said. Even families had nowhere to stay in the park. Rishmi Mohamed said he came to the park with his wife and children but they were unable to stay there. “We were sitting on a bench but we were asked to leave as the benches were a part of the Water’s Edge restaurant. So we walked around for a while and left,” he said. Upon inquiry, the management of the restaurant said the benches were maintained by the restaurant, and therefore, could only be used by those who used the restaurant. When we contacted the Deputy General Manager of the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (SLLRDC) S. P. Muthumala said the rules and regulations were not new but had been there since the park was declared open. “We have given a section of it to the Water’s Edge and they maintain that section.

We don’t allow food because people tend to litter and we have made benches and tables for people to sit in another section of the park,” he said.