Sad plight of the Moratuwa main bus-stand

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AND KUSAL CHAMATH Passengers expressed concern over the dilapidated state of the Moratuwa main bus stand due to years of neglect. They pointed out that part of the bus stand’s roof had collapsed and that the entire roof would collapse, injuring schoolchildren if it happened during rush hours. They said thousands of people, including schoolchildren, took buses on several routes from the Moratuwa bus stand and that it posed a serious threat.

They accused the SLTB, the Moratuwa Municipal Council and the Western Province Transport Authority of neglecting the maintenance of the bus stand, which is a main point on the Galle-Colombo highway and located in a densely populated area. The passengers said they had now been compelled to stand on the roadside, exposing themselves to the elements. They pointed out that every building in the bus stand was in bad condition and that at night it became the abode of beggars, twilight women and gangs engaging in nefarious activities. Bus drivers and conductors expressed concer

about the want of basic amenities, including toilets. They pointed out that the toilets were not well maintained, although Rs.10 had to be paid to use them.

They also said the bus stand was an eyesore due to garbage not having been removed for weeks. Meanwhile, a senior official of the adjacent railway station said the passengers waiting for buses would rush into the railway station causing inconvenience to the railway passengers and the staff. Area residents and commuters requested the Western Province Transport Authority and the Transport Ministry to pay attention to the sad state of the Moratuwa main bus stand and the hardships facing the public.