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TEXT & PICS BY DAYARATHNA PATHIRANA Kesbewa Magistrate Ranjith Somasinghe directed the Colombo Municipality to stop dumping garbage at the Karadiyana dump yard after May 27,2016. The Magistrate had allowed the Municipality to dump garbage in Karadiyana until May 27, as it was unable to use the Meethotamulla garbage dump. Three petitioners filed a motion demanding the time period allowed to dump garbage not to be extended. Appearing for the petitioners Manjula Wellalagama said the Colombo Municipality dumped more than 800 tons of garbage at the site daily. “Apart from the Colombo Municipality, garbage from seven other Local Government authorities are dumped here. The garbage bought by them is just half a ton. The yard does not have the capacity to hold so much garbage. We have also heard rumours that private parties are also dumping garbage here and taking into consideration all the issues, we request the time period not be extended,” Mr. Wellalagama said.