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Breaking the Karmic Cycle – the latest ballet scripted, choreographed, directed and produced by veteran Nilan Maligaspe will be staged on June 4 at 7 pm at Lionel Wendt Theatre in Colombo.The show will also coincide with the 22nd anniversary of Nilan’s Arpeggio Creative Dance and Drama Academy which is now conducting a series of workshops islandwide to promote the art of ballet.

Several schools are also involved in the workshops. Students of Ampitiya Berawatta Maha Vidyalaya will also take part in Saturday’s event. The play told in flashback depicts that Prince Siddhartha Gautama, even before he attained enlightenment, was a person with enlightened thinking and his outlook on life even as a Prince was a realistic one.

The play begins with Yashodara lamenting the departure of her husband Siddhartha Gautama. She engages in a prayer to get blessings for her husband’s return. King Suddhodana, the father of Prince Siddhartha, enters the scene to console Yashodara. Siddhartha Gautama is learning different skills but even when doing so he observes people closely and sees the inner workings and gauges the importance of life. Sanjeewa Paranamanna is the music composer while Pradeep Gunarathna is the assistant dance Choreographer.