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s3The government is to provide compensation of up to Rs.2.5 million for damages sustained by homes and a further Rs.25,000 for household items destroyed in the recent floods. The Colombo District Secretariat is in the process of obtaining an estimate of the loss and damage caused to property by the cyclone Roanu.

The 300-strong team deployed by the Secretariat has already obtained estimates from 13 Grama Seva Divisions. They are in the process of gathering estimates from 11 Grama Seva divisions and are still to gather estimates from 14 others. “We hope to complete gathering the relevant data by the end of the week. We will be issuing applications for compensation tomorrow (May 31),” Colombo District Secretary Sunil Kannangara said. Residents are to receive an advance of Rs.10,000 for immediate expenses, while the remainder will be given after a detailed estimate of their losses are obtained.

“Compensation for household items is not more than Rs.25,000 and compensation for houses is not more than Rs.2.5 million. Those affected will only get what is necessary to reconstruct their homes,” he said. The Secretariat was also gathering information on documents such as deeds and identification cards that were lost in the floods. Speaking to the last week, a high ranking official at the Secretariat said the ministries will be provided with guidelines to replace lost documents.