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Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3A tribute to the legacy of a true legend Michael Jackson took stage at the BMICH on the 29th of May 2016.Walking into the auditorium packed with MJ fans, I was overwhelmed by the sense of massive anticipation. The crowd waited anxiously to see how this performerKenny Wizz, known as ‘the No 1 impersonator of MJ’, would take on the challenging task of performing the Michael Jackson act

The very first film Michael Jackson appeared in was a musical called The Wiz. How beautifully ironic that years down the line a certain Kenny Wizz would be responsible for carrying the legacy of the legend that is the King of Pop. In a blackened auditorium, bright coloured words pierced through the screen – slides defining history. There was smoke, then a flood of light and there he stood: surreal, posed, perfect. From the opening song, ‘Bad’ people knew this was it! An incredibly talented band and four backup dancers, accompanied Kenny Wizz, who performed with gravity-defying moves

and incomparable singing… one hit after the next. In a literal trip down memory lane, costumes changed with every song, featuring the evolution of Michael Jackson’s distinct styles and his unique moves. ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, ‘Beat it’, ‘Don’t stop till you get enough’, ‘Just enjoy yourself’ were also among the top favourites he performed. The audience joined in to sing ‘Heal the world’ with the lights on their mobiles switched on and waving their hands from side to side. It was a beautiful sight. When he rips his T-shirt and falls flat for ‘Man in the Mirror’it was ecstatic. ‘Thriller’was also one fabulous performance. ‘Black or White’ was sensational. Wizz ran in from the rear end of the auditorium and stood on a seat and was waving to the people who had come right to the front of the balcony and was quite frantic by that time. His interaction with the audience was what touched me the most. It was astounding. All in all it was a fabulous show… PURE ON-STAGE MAGIC!