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Untitled-4BY KUSAL CHAMATH AND IN DIKA MANOJ COORAY Train passengers are being inconvenienced due to the illplanned reconstruction of roofs over railway platforms about two years ago. They pointed out that the platform roofs constructed by the British covered the full length of the platform and a few feet overlapped the width of the platforms and jutted over the roof of the trains, to protect the passengers boarding or embarking the train during rain.

The passengers said the authorities who demolished the old platform roofs erected short and narrow roofs regardless of the inconvenience to passengers. A regular railway passenger and office worker in Colombo, Nimal Ratnasooriya (35) of Panadura said the passengers boarding or alighting from trains were now exposed to rain. “The platform roofs in the past covered the full length of the platform and a few feet wider than the platform.

This protected the passengers from the rain. The platform roofs erected about two years ago are not an inch longer than the railway station building. We get thoroughly wet when we board or get off a train when it rains. The platform roofs erected recently are not durable and have already developed cracks.” He said. Meanwhile, several passengers pointed out that the protective fences on the overhead bridges in the coastal line railway stations erected with iron railings were now decayed creating a death trap. They pointed out that the authorities who demolished the concrete walls and erected iron railing fences were not conscious of the fact that the iron railings, exposed to salty wind, would not last long.

They said thousands of passengers including schoolchildren were in danger due to the decaying railings in the overhead bridges. The passengers requested the authorities to increase the length and breadth of the platform roofs and also to erect protective walls in place of the decayed iron railing fences.