Polgasowita main road in need of REPAIR

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TEXT & PICS BY DAYARATHNA PATHIRANA Pedestrians and motorists complained that the lack of drains in Polgasowita along the Colombo-Horana Road made it difficult to travel on. The town, which is a meeting point for thousands of people has several potholes filled with water. During the monsoon, the slightest amount of rain affects the town, inundating the entire area. While the town has about 20 shops, consumers and residents find it difficult to go about their daily activities.

The crowds that wait to take the bus have no shelter from the rain or sun, or a proper bus stop. A shopkeeper who wished to remain anonymous said the authorities and public representatives had promised to renovate the road on numerous occasions. “How are we to live like this until they decide it’s time to repair the road? The authorities and politicians have avoided renovating it for years now,” he said. Residents did say that minor repairs were being conducted by the Road Development Authority but that the efforts were in vain, as the repairs were washed away by the rain and floods.