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Nearly 5,650 tons of garbage was collected and at least another 2,000 tons of garbage was yet to be collected from areas affected by the recent floods, the Provincial Councils and Local Government Ministry revealed. Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Minister Faizer Mustapha stated that a minimum of a week was needed to clear the remaining mountains of garbage.

“There is a logistical issue that needs to be resolved. We have identified five locations to dump garbage, but the areas are far away and it takes about two to three hours to make a trip to these areas by vehicle,” he said. However, the heaps of garbage are further rising as residents who returned to their homes have started clearing the waste material.

“The amount of garbage that is being cleared is three times more than what was proposed in the Cabinet paper. We hope to complete clearing these by next week,” the Minister said. Speaking to the media earlier, the ministry said most of the garbage collected in Colombo was from Kotikawatta, Kolonnawa, Meethotamulla, Sedawatte, Kohilawatte and Wellampitiya areas. However, an operating system centre was also established at T. B Illangaratna Stadium, Angoda.