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2BY NABEELA HUSSAIN The vestiges of garbage remaining after the recent floods will be collected by the end of the week, the Provincials and Local Government Ministry said yesterday. The two-week long programme will come to an end this week with at least 6,000 tons of garbage collected by workers and vehicles brought in from every conceivable part of the country, Minister Faizer Mustapha said. Sources working with the cleaning operations said the amount of garbage had increased as residents cleared out their homes of flood-soaked belongings.

“They have to throw out everything. When we clear out one road, there is garbage piled there again as residents throw out everything; from beds, TVs and clothes to other household items,” the source said. Workers also faced the problem of accessing the mounds of garbage which needed to be disposed of. “Some of these roads and neighbourhoods are small, so we can’t use big machines like backhoes to clear out the garbage. We have to use smaller ones and they are in short supply. We have asked every authority and local government body that has them to lend them,” the source said.

The Ministry had allocated five lands to temporarily dump the collected load but are only using two at the moment. Sources said the remaining three were already cleared of the garbage dumped in them. Despite the continuous collection of garbage over the past week, neighbourhoods in Kotikawatha and Meethotamulla were seen lined with piles of garbage, which sources said were remnants of household items that were being cleared out as well as garbage thrown out on a daily basis. PICS BY SAMANTHA PERERA