Railway equipment worth millions exposed to elements

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BY KUSAL CHAMATH AND INDIKA MANOJ A large number of railway compartments, goods wagons, engines and other equipment have been left to the mercy of the elements for years on the railway yards between Colombo –Fort and Dematagoda, at Ratmalana and several railway stations in other areas without any attention by the authorities.

The public expressed concern about the waste of public property valued at trillions of rupees in this manner. Many of the railway carriages covered with shrubs are decaying. Meanwhile the railway employees said most of the railway compartments, and goods wagons would be serviceable after repairs but the authorities had not paid any attention on it.

They said the goods wagons and other equipment manufactured in England were of high standards and their durability had no match. They said large stocks of condemned rails had been left to decay at many railway stations without using them for a gainful purpose or selling by auction. However senior officials of the Railways Department said only the unserviceable passenger carriages, goods wagons, engines and other machinery and equipment had been condemned and left in the railway yards. He said step was being taken to dispose of them by selling by auction through the tender procedure on the instructions of Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva. He said some of the railway carriages and goods wagons that had been condemned were more than 75 years old.