Rs.8 mn spent to clear flood garbage 7,500 tonnes cleared in 13 days

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BY DARSHANA SANJEEWA Atotal of eight million rupees has been spent to clear garbage that had accumulated in the flood affected areas in Colombo District, the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government said. Director of the Solid Waste Management Centre, Athula Ilangasinghe said a total of 7,500 tonnes of garbage had been cleared within 13 days.

The Ministry said removal of garbage piling up in flood affected areas had commenced on May 31. Most of the garbage had been collected from Kotikawatta, Kolonnawa, Meethotamulla, Sedawatte, Kohilawatte and Wellampitiya was dumped in a plot of land at Kolonnawa. Mr. Ilangasinghe said the process was delayed due to the heavy rains and traffic that had occurred. According to the information gathered by local authorities, areas with accumulated garbage were mapped and the garbage was removed in stages.

This programme was coordinated by the Police and the Tri Forces. Over 500 soldiers, police officers, the Civil Defence Department and Local Government Institutions engaged in the removal of the garbage. More than 100 vehicles including garbage collecting machines have been used in this process and the debris of houses and garbage that had collected on the sides of the roads were also collected.