Health authorities warn seven operators for violating Food Act

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BY LAHIRU POTHMULLA Health Department officials of the Colombo Municipality who recently inspected eighteen school canteens, warned seven operators of them for maintaining poor sanitary standards and violating the Food Act. Health Department Food Hygiene Unit Chief Dr. Subash Mendis said legal action would be taken against one canteen operator of a leading school in Colombo for not maintaining proper sanitary standards. “Most of the canteens violated the Food Act. The operators do not pay attention to food safety because of the rush during intervals. Food containers were seen left open.

Some of the canteens even had rotten vegetables. Eggs, which should be washed before using, were exposed to dirt. Most of the canteen employees had no uniform or gloves to prepare food. Some of the sweets available for sale did not even mention details of its distributor. This could lead to many health hazards as they may contain ingredients unfit for human consumption,” he said. On a different note, Dr. Mendis stated that the School Canteen Policy which banned the sale of fried food that uses oil was violated in many canteens. The policy that further prohibited the sale of sugary drinks was also violated, he said. However, the canteen of the Visakha Vidyalaya was found following strict sanitary standards, Dr. Mendis said. He said the Food Hygiene Unit would carry out more raids to nab errant canteen operations under the directions of CMC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ruwan Wijayamuni.