GL: Govt. guilty for UNHRC situ

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6Referring to the report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein calling for new laws to try the Sri Lankan security forces, Joint Opposition’s Prof. G.L. Peiris said all this arose because of irresponsible, shortsighted and partisan action by the Government in committing itself to implement the resolution.

Addressing a press conference on behalf of the Joint Opposition, he said the UN High Commissioner had said, in his advance report, that “pressure had been applied on the Government to bring about sweeping reforms in the security sector as a matter of priority.” He said the High Commissioner had cited that there was reasonable ground for him to believe that the armed forces were responsible for massacre of civilians, disappearances, rape, other forms of sexual assaults and abductions. “What the High Commissioner is now doing is calling upon the Government of Sri Lanka implement its own resolution,” he said. He said the Government solemnly committed itself to a special judicial mechanism for the trial of war crimes. “The Government especially agreed that this mechanism includes the Commonwealth and other foreign judges, prosecutors and investigators,” he said. Commenting on the High Commissioner’s report referring the allegation of using cluster bombs, he said this would expose the armed forces individually and collectively. “The Government has agreed not only to judges and tribunals, but also to special laws under which armed forces are tried,” he said. According to the report, he said, the security forces of Sri Lanka would be allowed to participate in UN peace keeping missions in Mali, only if sweeping reforms were done