Bribery Commission goes to SC against Nama

Published : 8:06 am  July 1, 2016 | No comments so far |  |  (433) reads | 

The Director General of the Bribery Commission yesterday filed a complaint against former President’s son and MP Namal Rajapaksa in the Supreme Court under Section 20 (3) c of Bribery Act, ‘Contempt of Commission’, for disregarding Bribery Commission’s orders

The action had been filed by the Commission’s Director General under the ‘Contempt of Commission’ provision. In the complaint, the complainant, Director General of the Bribery Commission, Dilrukshi Dias Wickramasinghe had mentioned the respondent as Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa. The Bribery Commission in the complaint alleged that the respondent was required to provide an affidavit on January 20, 2016 to the commission on a matter pertaining to a bribery inquiry, by a notice set on December 14, 2015 by the Commission. On January 19, 2016 the respondent requested further time until March 15 to provide the affidavit. The Commission said Mr. Rajapaksa however had failed to submit the affidavit on March 15. The Bribery Commission in the complaint also alleged that on April 28, 2016, Mr. Rajapaksa was summoned by the commission to appear at the Bribery Commission on May 26 to record statements. However in a reply, Jayantha Weerasinghe PC who appeared on behalf of Namal Rajapaksa sent a letter on May 25 to the Commission objecting to its legality to summon his client. The commission said the respondent had committed offences under the provision Contempt of the Commission in Bribery Act by disrespecting the authority of the Bribery Commission. The Bribery Commission in the complaint sought an inquiry from the Court over the respondent’s offences that fell under the Contempt of Commission according to the Bribery Act.