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Residents of the area expressed concern about the large number of unauthorized stalls put up along the pavements in the old Galle road in the Moratuwa town that often obstructed the movement of pedestrians and even caused many accidents. They accused the Moratuwa Municipal Council of ignoring this hazardous situation.

Untitled-7They said the police, at times, took measures to remove the pavement stalls and the unauthorized pavement hawkers, but they re-occupied the pavements with political patronage. They asserted that several local politicians were behind the illegal business activities in the pavements. Meanwhile, the drivers in the area stated that pedestrians often avoided pavement stalls and walked along the edge of the road only to be knocked down by passing vehicles.

Wimalasiri Devasurendra (50), a resident of Moratuwa, said although the town was frequented by a large crowd from dawn to dusk, the authorities had not paid adequate attention on obstructions caused by the pavement hawkers. He said local politicians were the owners of several stalls occupied by others on rent that the unauthorized traders were receiving political patronage.

Meanwhile, a leading businessman in the area said Chief Minister Isuru Devapriya on the request of the business community informed the Moratuwa Police to remove the unauthorized stalls, but to no avail. However, residents of the area requested Moratuwa Municipal Counci l and the police to launch a joint programme to clear the Moratuwa town from u n a u t h o r i zed tr a d e r s on pavements.