Difficult decisions vital for revival of the economy: PM

Published : 8:22 am  July 7, 2016 | No comments so far |  |  (447) reads | 

Untitled-4BY YOHAN PERERA The Government will have to take difficult decisions if it is to avert a complete breakdown of the economy, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said yesterday.

He conveyed this message to United National Party (UNP) Ministers, MPs and electoral organizers when he met them at Temple Trees on Tuesday to discuss the country’s economy. “I met ministers, members of parliament and electoral organizers at Temple Trees and analyzed the future of our economy and the reasons which had led to the state of the economy today. I explained that when moving forward, difficult decisions have to be made if we are to avert a complete break down of the economy,” the Prime Minister said in his latest twitter message. The necessity of devising a simple tax scheme and ensuring transparency in the payment of taxes had been discussed at this meeting. “We decided at this meeting that the people should be involved in the country’s economy and in the decision-making process. It was also agreed that instead of a hidden tax agenda, the Government should implement a transparent tax scheme,” the PM said. Meanwhile, a minister said many of his colleagues and MPs had inquired about the President’s statement on reviewing the Value Added Tax (VAT). The Premier responded saying the matter needed to be discussed further before it was implemented.