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  Untitled-9 Untitled-10TEXT & PICS BY MUDITHA DAYANANDA Compensation to the 1,700 people who were affected by the fire at the Salawa Army Camp will be paid on August 4, Colombo District Secretary, Sunil Kannangara, said. Mr.Kannangara said the officials had evaluated the damages and listed nearly 2,000 house owners who had to be evaluated. Compensation would not be paid for 240 individuals as there were several issues that needed to be resolved, he said. The Secretary also called upon residents to visit the Secretariat if there were issues regarding the ownership of houses that needed to be resolved.


“They will be called to the office from July 26 to August 3. We will compensate those who do not come to the office and have no issues to resolve,” he said. Many of the houses were partially damaged, with mainly the roof being damaged or destroyed. “We began the renovation of 1,010 houses which had damaged roofs and we have completed renovations to almost 999 houses so far. We are completing the renovations now,” Army Spokesman Brigadier Jayantha Jayaweera said. The Spokesman also said they were clearing wells, which could not be used due to the spread of soot and dust because of the fire. “The army has also distributed 1,500 school books and other equipment needed for schools to the children in the area and has also taken measures to provide school uniforms to 869 students,” Brigadier Jayaweera said.