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Indu Dharmasena’s hilarious comedy ‘At Your Service’ took to the stage on the 29th, 30th and the 31st of July at the Lionel Wendt Theatre

The story takes place at the ‘Hill Star’ hotel where owner and General Manager, Mr. Perera (Indu Dharmasena) is expecting a VIP guest; an investor from abroad. He is joined by his receptionist, Chris (Ruwendi Wakwella) and doormen cum bellboy cum waiter cum bartender, Tony (Yasal Ruhunage) as they go to great lengths to impress the prospective investor, a one Mr. Muller. Mistakenly, they assume Tom White (George Cooke) to be the potential investor and the drama continues in hilarious twists and turns until they receive a very frightening phone call from the Police, informing them that Hill Star is about to be paid a visit by a famous International drug lord whose identity is unknown.


You are then taken through a comical journey as Mr. Perera, Chris and Tony attempt to protect their guests; Dorothy Decker (Sashini Wakwella) the one with the hots for the GM, Pamela Anderson (Sanwada Dharmasena) who is not THAT Pamela Anderson, Nimala Alwis (Sulochana Perera) the timid guest who’s always lost and Hans (Andre Vallendar) the handsome German guest waiting to be checked in, while also figuring out the potential drug lord; is it Madam Okorie Zombie (Amaya Wijesinghe) who is set to meet someone? Or is it the mysterious Mr. Silva (Anushan Selvarajah) who doesn’t want his presence at the hotel known? Well, it turns out to be neither! Tom White is not the potential investor but is the actual drug lord and Nimala Alwis is not a timid guest but an undercover police detective! And the handsome German guest is not just any guest – but the VIP guest that Mr. Perera was expecting all along! Indu’s drama was one of the most entertaining plays to take to the stage this year.

The audience was in fits of laughter consistently throughout the play and the actors and actresses were unfailingly in their character at all times. Not only was the Sri Lankan twists to the play refreshing and relatable, it also made the play more comical and amusing. Overall, At Your Service was definitely one of my favourite plays for the year! Thanks for the laughs Indu and a job well done to all those who were on stage.

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