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By Romesh Danuska The Chief Incumbent of the Kokilai Sambodhi Vihare in the Mullaitivu District, the Ven. Tissapura Gunaratana Thera has complained to the police that a provincial council member belonging to the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) had told him, with threats, to stop construction work on the temple and leave the area.

The Ven. Thera said TNA activists were trying to get the temple removed. He said these TNA activists were insisting that the land on which the temple was built belonged to some other people. He said the Northern Provincial Council had passed a resolution to that effect. He said the land had been given to him on a permit by the Mullaitivu Divisional Secretary. “I arrived in the area in 2009 to give education to children at the Sinhala medium school in Kokilai. Since then I have attended to the religious needs of the people of the area and of the security forces,” he said. However, TNA member Thurairasa Raviharan of the Northern Provincial Council denied that he had threatened the monk. But he said the temple had been built on private land and, therefore, should be removed.