Moratuwa New Galle Road in state of disrepair

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BY INDIKA MANOJ COORAY AND KUSAL CHAMATH The Moratuwa New Galle road near the main bus stand, where the old Galle Untitled-4road and the new Galle road converge, has developed cracks and crevices. Residents of the area said the neglected state of the road had resulted in extensive damage to the waste water drains as well. Meanwhile, a former member of the Motaruwa Municipal Council said several accidents occurred at night when vehicles, mostly the motorcycles, fell into the pitfalls. Residents blamed the authorities for neglecting the dilapidated state of the road for over a year.

Those living in houses along the road said the damaged storm water drains overflowed during heavy rains, submerging their gardens with waste water. They added that the stench of stagnant water in the drains created a serious health hazard. Traders running wayside hotels and tea boutiques at the junction said the public did not patronize their businesses or even have a cup of tea from the hotels due to the stench from the side drains. He said the continual requests to the Moratuwa MC and the Road Development Authority to repair the road and waste water drains had fallen on deaf ears