Nuisance caused by cattle in Piliyandala town

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TEXT & PICS BY DAYARATHNA PATHIRANA Cattle roaming around the Piliyandala town at night have become a nuisance to residents and shopkeepers. A large herd of cattle had been roaming the Piliyandala-Kesbewa Road and the Piliyandala-Mount Lavinia Road for several months. Residents said the traveling herd had caused a number of accidents in the area and that motorbikes and three-wheelers were especially vulnerable.

The cattle are in the habit of loitering in front of the police station, the islands in the centre of the road and in front of shops. Shopkeepers said the cattle sometimes made it impossible to open the shops for business the following morning, as they did not move. The animals’ odour also made it impossible for shopkeepers and customers to remain in the area for long. This had lead to a decrease in the number of customers, shopkeepers said.

“We have to clean the shops with water and disinfectant everyday,” they said. The Kesbewa Urban Council Public Health Inspector M. Maldeva when contacted, said he was aware of the issue and that measures were being taken to put a stop to the menace. “We spoke to the Urban Council Secretary and devised a programme. We have informed cattle farmers not to let the herds outside or that they would be captured by the Urban Council.

They will have to pay us to release the cattle and if they are not released from our custody in a few days, we will take steps to send them to government farms. We hope to start this programme soon,” he said. Meanwhile, posters have been put up across the town and some of the cattle have been sent to government farmhouses.