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Change is constant and something that we are affected by universally. Sri Lanka has faced rapid development through infrastructure and ideas which eventually connect people both locally and globally, along with start ups and miniature industries taking over all over the nation. Change has never taken such a toll in everyday life, with this time change being a game changer!

TED which is short for Technology, Entertainment and Design is conferences held at a global level. " Ideas worth spreading" being the motto, which focuses on many topics in terms of whether it's culture, tech, science and even academics. With the X standing for an independently organised event with a set of incredibly dynamic feisty young individuals. This enables local speakers a platform to voice out their ideas that are worth sharing! The Blueprint for change being this year’s theme, had an amazing round up of speakers addressing aspects of climate change, politics, bad debts etc which got all of us enthused and inspired throughout. The Event was an immense success with over 950 attendees along with a live streaming audience and viewers from around the world. The event was held at Nelum Pokuna, the perfect spot to accommodate the crowd and to host the many interactive sessions that took place from an interesting bingo game to the exciting action stalls of fresh crispy hoppers and the cute prizes!