Amaratunga says Northern PC doesn’t cooperate

Published : 8:44 am  August 25, 2016 | No comments so far |  |  (556) reads | 

BY YOHAN PERERA AND KELUM BANDARA Christian Affairs, Tourism Development and Lands Minister John Amaratunga yesterday complained that the Northern Provincial Council did not cooperate with the government in any development projects.

He said so when opposition MP Douglas Devananda requested the government to develop tourism in Kilinochchi as the area had potential for tourism. “I will send in my officers and get them do a study in the area, but the Northern Provincial Council, too, should play a role in this. Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran is not willing to cooperate with the government at the moment. He has even decided to boycott the investor forum organised by the governor. We invite the chief minister to work with the government,” he said.