Elakanda Fish Market stinks without fish tax payers’ money go waste

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 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5 TEXT & PICS BY SARATH CHINTHAKA The two-storey market complex built at the Elakanda Junction in 2001 to house all the fish traders scattered around the Elakanda Junction remains unused and in a very dilapidated condition. The market complex except for three shops located on an upper floor remains deserted and had become a haven for drug addicts and other anti social activities. “This complex belonging to the Wattala Pradeshiya Sabha is not patronised by the fish vendors and the stalls constructed have been demolished as none of the trade stalls are now functioning.

This complex does not have proper sanitary facilities or drinking water either. The stench emanating from the site is awful and the unclean drains have now become a breeding ground for deadly mosquitoes. With the presence of several super markets in close proximity to this fish market, and the Peliyagoda General Fish Market also being now easily accessible, very few customers visit this market. The absence of customers over the past period had led to traders avoiding trading in this market. Fish sold along the Elakanda- Bopitiya Road by boat owners seem to be having a good market as the prices are very competitive,” it is said. When inquired from the Secretary of the Wattala Pradeshiya Sabha, Ms K.H.S. Iranganie, she said there was an issue regarding the ownership of the market area and that was preventing them from proceeding on further development.

People were questioning, if there had been an issue with regard to ownership, why they undertook to build this Market on such land spending public funds.