Inadequate trains prompt foot-board travel; commuters lives in danger

Published : 8:00 am  September 1, 2016 | No comments so far |  |  (1203) reads | 


BY KUSAL CHAMATH Railway passengers expressed concern about the inconvenience caused to them due to the congestion in office trains between Panadura and Colombo Fort in the mornings and evenings. They said hundreds of passengers in every train hang on to the footboard regardless of the danger involved in such travelling. The passengers pointed out that every train that started from Panadura in the morning would be packed to its capacity before it reached Moratuwa and that the passengers boarding the train at Moratuwa and beyond travelled on the foot-boards.

A regular railway passenger from Moratuwa and a worker of a private establishment in Colombo, Srinath Wimalasiri (35) said they risked their life when travelling on foot-boards without an alternative to reach office in time. “Several express trains from down South in the morning stop at Panadura and Moratuwa, but it is very rarely a passenger from Panadura or Moratuwa could squeeze himself into them. Trains starting from Maradana in the evenings are also fully packed when they reach Colombo Fort. Passengers boarding trains beyond Colombo Fort suffer an ordeal. Railways department recently warned that the passengers travelling on footboard would be subject to legal action but ignored the need to provide facilities at least to keep standing inside the train during the journey,” he said.